Institute of Technical Physics

Riga Technical University, Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry

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Institute of Technical Physics (ITP)


Institute of Technical Physics (ITP) was founded in 1994 on the basis of the Department of Physics and Scientific Research Laboratory of Semiconductor Physics at the Faculty of Transport and Mechanical Engineering of the Riga Technical University. Since 2000 the ITP has been integreted into the Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry.

Currently the Institute of Technical Physics includes following divisions:

  • Division of Solid State Physics
  • Division of Radiation Engineering Physics
  • Division of Engineering Physics of Condensed
  • Matter Research Laboratory of Semiconductor Physics (RLSP)

Educational work (lectures) conducted by ITP:

  • Physics (for bachelor and engineering level)
  • Physical basics of technology (for bachelor level)
  • Structure and properties of materials (for bachelor level)
  • Physics of new materials (for master level)
  • Materials science (for doctor level)
  • Physics of nanostructured materials (for doctor level)
  • Physics of smart materials (for doctor level)
  • Optical recording physics (for doctor level)
  • Materials for information recording (for doctor level)
  •  Semiconductor materials and devices (for doctor level)
  •  Materials processing using laser technology (for doctor level)

Some undergraduate students are doing scientific work for bachelor and master level and postgraduate students are performing research for the doctoral degree